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Listen to Jane on NPR discussing her new book, Champions for Change.

Jane has been interviewed extensively about Biosphere 2, and her work in the environment and space.

Inc. Magazine
July/August 2009

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June 2009

Enlarged View

national public radio
NPR’s Scott Simon chats with Jane about her book, and adventures at Biosphere 2. Why did they turn orange, anyway?

Wired Magazine’s Erica Gies discusses climate change, space exploration and Biosphere 2 with Jane.

Jane on Green Patriot Radio with David Steinmen
A U.S. General's Perspective on Global Warming, Lessons From the Biosphere 2, and Health Benefits of Silver.

Tucson Lifestyle Magazine
profiles Jane.

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The San Francisco Guardian’s interview with Jane.
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To watch a four-minute video featuring Jane and photos of life in Biosphere 2, select your media player below.

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A longer, more detailed interview in print

Please contact us if you’d like to interview Jane Poynter.


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