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The Human Experiment:
Two Years and Twenty Minutes Inside Biosphere 2

The never-before told story of life in Biosphere 2 – by a woman who survived it.

In 1991, a crew of four men and four women locked themselves into a three-acre terrarium in the Arizona desert where they would live for the next two years – cut off from the outside world. They swore that nothing would go in or out… no food, no water, not even air. They would recycle everything – even drinking and breathing the same oxygen atoms over and over again. It was to be the ultimate extreme-green lifestyle.

Now, for the first time, one of those crewmembers tells the stranger-than-fiction tale of what really happened. In The Human Experiment: Two Years and Twenty Minutes Inside Biosphere 2, biospherian Jane Poynter takes readers on a humorous and riveting race through a failing biosphere, cults, love, fears of insanity, and inspiring human endurance.

Life inside the glass cage was the original Survivor – but it was no TV show, it was all too real. The eight inmates endured debilitating low-oxygen levels, constant hunger and mud-wrestling smack downs, not to mention spitting in each other’s faces.

Still, they managed to get some research done. Time Magazine put Biosphere 2 among the magazine’s top-ten “Best Science of 1993”. Others called the whole thing a fraud.

The eight biospherians finally emerged after 730 days… wiser, skinnier, and having accomplished what many scientists had said was impossible – live in an artificial mini-world.

The Human Experiment explores our thorny relationships with each other and with the biosphere we all live in. It is a tale of grand visions and what it takes to fulfill them… or not. It tells the whole, unvarnished story – the successes, the failures and the lessons learned – of this life-changing experience and historic adventure.


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